Great Commission School offers K-12 classes.


Middle School
Great Commission Middle School is one of the three schools of Great Commission School. The middle school includes grades 6 through 8, as well as a team of dedicated staff members. We are centrally located in Altoona, with transportation available from neighboring school districts. The curriculum and extra-curricular activities are tailored to meet the specific needs of the middle school student.

High School
Great Commission High School is a place to call home where students, teachers, staff and parents are like family. We envision our students excelling in serving God and others not only while enrolled in GCS but after they graduate as well. Students describe our school as a place where it is easy to build student/teacher relationships and where the teachers and staff are caring and helpful. Students who transfer in regardless of the grade level indicate that GCS is a place where they feel accepted. When asked how he would describe GCS, one student simply said, “Wonderful.” With our small class sizes, teachers have the opportunity to really get to know and care for their students. Above and beyond the day to day tasks and teaching that occur at GCS, we are a Christian School where the core of our ministry revolves around our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Perhaps that is why we all feel like a family…because we truly ARE a family of believers.

Middle and High School Classes

Math                                                            Social Studies
General Math                                                                7th World History
Pre Algebra                                                                    8th American History
Algebra I                                                                         9th Geography/Civics
Geometry                                                                       10th World Cultures
Algebra II                                                                       11th American History
Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry                                  12th American Government
Business Math                                                               12th World Philosophy

English                                                         Science
Grammar & Comp I & Vocab                                   Life Science
Grammar & Comp II & Vocab                                 Earth Science
Grammar & Comp III & Vocab                               Physical Science
Grammar & Comp IV & Vocab                                Biology
11th Grammar & Vocab                                               Chemistry
12th Grammar & Vocab                                              Physics
Honors Science Elective

Literature                                                    Electives
7th Explorations in Literature                                 Spanish
8th Excursions in Literature                                     Spanish II
9th Essentials in Literature                                        Spanish III
10th World Literature                                                 Keyboarding/Computer
11th American Literature                                           Art
12th British Literature                                                 Drama/Music
Business Communications