Great Commission’s middle school consists of grades 6, 7, and 8. Students move between classes more frequently as they prepare for high school, learning the time and space management skills necessary to succeed as they grow. Sixth graders have a special reading/study skills class focused on academic and life skills to help them as their classes grow more rigorous.

Classes in middle school include PreAlgebra in 7th grade, Algebra 1 in 8th (which prepares students to be able to take Calculus their senior year if they choose), Life and Earth Sciences, World and American Histories, Keyboarding, English, and electives. Bible classes in middle school cover the Life of Christ, Judges, and Acts. Students attend chapel jointly with the high school students once a week for worship and to hear God’s Word (taught by various local youth pastors, guest speakers, and special student-led chapels).

Middle-schoolers have their own designated lunch time, and our cafeteria serves a hot lunch every day (menu is posted /emailed to all families). Students may also pack their own lunches, and there are microwaves and toasters available.

Middle School also has their own Student Council and takes an annual field trip in the spring of each year.

Beginning in 6th grade, students are placed on teams of mixed grades (6th-12th) that go and serve at a local food bank twice a month. This is one way we point students to our vision of “seeing students excel in serving God and others” and to show the love of Christ in our city.

Extra Curricular Activities Available to middle and high school students at GCS:

Soccer: 7th -12th Boys & Girls

Basketball: 7th –9th Boys & Girls (JV; depending on league availability); 9th -12th Boys & Girls

            Track: 6th -12th Boys & Girls

            Yearbook: 10th - 12th Grades

            Academic Quiz Bowl: 10th- 12th competing with other High Schools in the area

Music: 7th-12th with an end of year production

Drama: 7th-12th with a mid-year and end of year production