Parents who wish to enroll a child in Great Commission Schools must first schedule an appointment with the appropriate principal to discuss placement. The admission will then be referred to an enrollment committee consisting of the administrator, principals, and a designated Board member.

Parents must provide the following items to GCS at the time of enrollment:

  1. Copy of the child’s most recent report card
  2. Copy of the child’s shot record
  3. Deposit of $250.00 per child enrolled

In addition, the following paperwork must be turned in at the time of enrollment:

  1.  Enrollment Form or Re-Enrollment Form
  2.  Record Request Form    
  3. Original of Birth Certificate     
  4. Original of Social Security Card
  5. Pastor Recommendation Form     
  6. Middle/HS Conduct Form     
  7. Health Forms    


Other Downloadable Forms: FACTS Financial Aid     ACAA Student Transfer      New Applicant Checklist


For parents who are transferring from another school and wish to enroll a child in Great Commission Schools must fill out and sign a record request form available in the school office. GCS will send this form to the previous school. Parents who wish to transfer their child must have the new school request the school records in writing. Note:  GCS policy is to transfer all records, retaining only report card or transcript information